Land of Scenic Splendour

Château-d'Oex is situated in an open valley at an average altitude of 1000 meters. Ideal for those in search of rest, easy as well as active sports or fun in the pristine beauty of this jewel of the Swiss Alps. A perfect setting for the pursuit of sports in open air, white waters and on the high rock : parasailing, hang-gliding, hot-air ballooning, kayaking, rafting, canyoning, and mountain climbing, all under the supervision of instructors or experienced mountain guides.

Château-d'Oex is first and foremost a mecca for hot-air ballooning. Its exceptional microclimate creates such ideal flight conditions that people flock to this part of Switzerland from all over the world. Every year, on the last week of January, Château-d'Oex hosts the world's premier Mountain Hot-Air Ballooning event, with over 80 balloons participating. A veritable spectacle of soaring colors and shapes.

This year, The Breitling Orbiter will take off from Château-d'Oex in favorable weather conditions, to start its planned around-the-world journey. Everything will be ready to welcome the numbers of visitors attending this great event. A variety of special activities are scheduled and in case of evening take-off, the restaurants will remain open until late at night.

Lodging Restaurants Area Map