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Breitling Orbiter 1
Will be displayed at the "Espace Ballon" museum in Château d'Oex as of next year. For further information, please call the tourism Office in Château d'Oex, Tel: +4126-924.25.25

Breitling Orbiter 2
Will be displayed at the "Swiss Museum of Transport" in Lucerne at the end of August 1999. For further information, please contact the museum, Tel: +4141-370.44.44

Breitling Orbiter 3
Will be displayed at the "Swiss Museum of Transport" in Lucerne from May 6, 1999 and for a period of time of three months. Then, the capsule will be transported to the "Smithsonian Air and Space Museum" in Washington, DC (USA) where it will be displayed from September 1st, 1999

In parallel with the Breitling-Orbiter's challenge, an exposition on the history
of the balloon will take place in Château-d'Oex .

Before coming for visit to Château d'Oex, you can already bring back to live the strongest emotions from Breitling Orbiter flights 1 and 2 in our virtual exposition!

Don't miss neither the Breitling-Orbiter 3 in Quick Time VR


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Andy Elson fixes
the porthole (2,2 MB)

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