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2019 Contest

During the coming 20 days we will be launching a contest, in collaboration with Breitling, our partner in 1999 and today.

In order to participate, we will ask you to :

  • Share on your social media a memory and a picture from 1999 with the hashtag #BreitlingOrbiter3 (even better if it is something you remember from following Breitling Orbiter 3). Let’s live together the last year of the past century again !
  • Respond correctly to a few questions about this adventure on our website.
  • Send us the link to your social media post with the right to republish

The winner will be extracted among the people who responded correctly and will be rewarded with a Breitling timepiece.

More info to come about this contest on our website in the coming days. Stay tuned !

They have won in our 1999 contest !!!

Questions Official results Winners Winners answers
Duration of the flight 19 days 21 hours 55 minutes PITZL Stéphane, Tavel/Clarens (Switzerland) 19 days 21 hours 54 minutes
Maximum altitude reached 11'755 meters VON ZWECK Conni, Del Mar (USA) 11'755 meters
Maximum speed attained 240 Km/h *LEIGHTON-JONES John, Mary's Terrace (England) 240 Km/h
Distance covered 45'755 kilometers MILLIQUET Véronique, Pully (Switzerland) 45'750 kilometers
Number of countries crossed 26 countries *NIEDERHUEFNER Joerg, Rockford (USA) 26 countries
(*) Those two winners have been designated through a drawing among several competitors who were even.

Each winners will be contacted directly by Breitling SA.


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