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Receive the latest news from Bertrand Piccard and Brian Jones directly on your PC!

To get connected to the Breitling Orbiter Channel just download the BackWeb software by clicking and selecting the right version for your computer (the product is free of charge and exists in English, Japanese and German and for PC and Mac; 3MB).

After having downloaded BackWeb, return to this page and click here to get connected to the Breitling Orbiter Channel.

Breitling Orbiter Channel

Once you are connected to the channel and during your on-line sessions, a flash will alert you of the latest breaking news from the capsule. A simple click on the flash directs you on the complete log book of the balloon flight with supplementary photos and sound documents. While your computer is off-line, the messages from the aeronauts will be saved for you and can be recovered once you get on-line.

BackWebBackWeb... is what is called in Internet jargon a push product: a program that works in the background and delivers information automatically on your computer according to your preferences. You only have to subscribe to an information channel of your choice once, and from then on a small flash will announce the arrival of a piece of news. You personnalize the schedule for information delivery and you are no longer obliged to go directly on the Web site to keep informed of the latest developments.

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